Chase no-face: the disfigured cat

I just read about this sweet little cat that was disfigured by a car accident at 6 weeks old and has no face. They say she is not in pain and she still grooms herself, chases bugs, and plays with her siblings. In fact, her mom says she can do everything a normal cat can do "except blink." I blogged about it, but beware, it's a bit shocking in the picture. Anyway, I thought the story might warm your hearts too! (xposted)


A beautiful, tiny, stray kitty in New York City

I found her 2 days ago. She keeps coming back at night to the little "garden" at the front of my apartment building.

She is lovely, black and white, seems very young, extremely friendly (she rubs and falls on her back and purrs). I've been feeding her and she seems very happy. And she doesn't want me to leave. :(

But i have two cats of my own and live in a studio apartment.

Does anyone in New York want a beautiful kitten? ? ?
Kitties - Weird Face

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Hi. This community doesnt seem to be too active, but, i just made a new community. Its a cat photo contest. I thought maybe some people here might be interested. The community is kittypixcontest Right now we're doing a sleeping kitty theme. Id love to see some of you there.

If this isnt allowed i'm sorry, let me know, or just delete it

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whats wrong with my cats?

just i have two male kittens, gizmo and orange cat, both around 9months old. they were neutered a little over a week ago. today, they both start bathing themselves at the same time..down there. and all of a sudden, orange cat starts to lick the other's leg, and then starts licking him down there. gizmo didnt really do anything to stop him, and when i pulled him away, he started licking gizmo's ass.
i dont know if he was just trying to help gizmo bathe, or he really really likes him. it was just weird.
can cats even be gay?
someone tell me what's going on.
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howdy yall. this is my first time posting here (i think) and i have sort of a dilema.
i <3 kitties. loe them to pieces, and i got my baby gizmo, and hes a happy cat, crazy, but happy.
well, last night a kitten about gizzie's size followed me home. like it literaly followed me to the door waited for me to open it and ran in. hes adorable and loving and doesnt bite like gizmo. the issue is they cant be together. the new catis quite vocal and screaches at gizmo. and just now they lunged at eachother. also theyre both boys, (i know that plays a part in this) i kept them in seperate rooms overnight and am wondering if i should keep them seperated throught the day. im only holding onto the new cat untill someone claims him. hes too clean to be a stray. but if no one claims him im going to have to figure something out.
any suggestions?